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Arrested and charged with DUI? If you don't make the right moves, you will lose your license, pay huge fines, may have to serve time in jail, and other penalties. How do you fight back? There are many law firms that offer legal services in DUI charges, but few of them are 100% focused on DUI, or have a former DUI prosecutor on their team! Attorney Richard S. Lawson formerly served as a DUI prosecutor and knows exactly what it takes to be successful in court. Take advantage of our experience if you are facing DUI charges! It is important to act quickly, because if you do not petition for an administrative hearing within thirty days of your arrest, you will lose your license automatically - even if you are innocent.

Yes, you were charged with DUI. That does not mean you have to plead guilty or even that you ARE guilty. There is no testing system that is 100 percent accurate and foolproof. Your breath test may have been incorrect, or the initial police stop may have violated your constitutional rights. How will you know what problems exist in your case without legal help from a highly qualified former DUI prosecutor? We know DUI defense, and you should contact our firm without delay if you have been arrested and charged.

Defending DUI Charges Takes Real Legal Skill

It is not simple to be successful in defending a DUI charge. You want to ensure you have the most experienced DUI defense lawyer you can find fighting for you. As a former DUI prosecutor, and having served for almost two decades defending misdemeanor and felony DUI charges, there are not many lawyers in the Atlanta area that can claim our experience and credentials, if any. We have resolved over 4,900 DUI cases over our years in service to our clients. Let us help you too.

As it can be complex to identify the best strategy for your defense, our actions on your behalf must be initiated immediately after your arrest. All evidence must be fully reviewed to determine what should be done for your defense. Never appear at any hearing without one of our legal team at your side, whether it is your arraignment, a bail hearing, pre-trial hearing or other appearance. It is frightening how quickly things can go off the rails if the process isn't managed correctly by a real professional.

As a former DUI prosecutor, Attorney Richard Lawson is able to view a case from all angles. DUI prosecutors tend to think the same way about these types of cases. They are skilled in gathering the evidence that has been compiled by the law enforcement officer. This will likely include information from the breath or blood test, the written police report, video footage from the traffic stop and more.

The DUI prosecutor is then simply responsible for bringing this evidence forward and combatting any counter-evidence brought forth by the defense. Because of this experience, Atlanta DUI Attorney Richard Lawson is now aware of and can anticipate the attacks of the prosecution and be ready to answer back in your defense. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in the Atlanta area, then there is no greater person you can have in your corner than a former DUI prosecutor.

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Why should you contact our firm? Because we know our business, and we know it from both sides. We understand exactly what it takes to be successful in defending a DUI charge, how to fight back in court, we have determined how to identify the defense strategies that are most effective. We offer our clients the knowledge and insight that only serving as a DUI prosecutor can bring. We know how to manage a DUI case. Take advantage of our skills, knowledge and personal commitment to our clients and contact us today!

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