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At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we are 100% DUI defense - we do not practice any other type of law. Why is this important? Every case is a learning experience, and with 4,900 DUI cases resolved, we have a lot of it. We know all the best strategies, how to challenge a case successfully that looks hopeless, and our lead attorney is a former DUI prosecutor. There is no substitute for experience, and we have proven this to be true. You can look at our recent case results to find out more about our success at trial. Our founding lawyer, Richard S. Lawson, was even called upon to author a chapter on DUI defense for a law text. When you have been arrested and charged with either a misdemeanor or felony DUI, you want to have the best possible defense lawyer fighting for you. We believe that our experience and knowledge is unmatched.

DUI Defense: What are your options?

If you were arrested and charged with DUI, you have several options. You can just let the process move forward, plead guilty, and face the consequences. These will include jail time, expensive fines, loss of your legal right to drive for up to a year, as well as having to fulfill requirements to attend DUI treatment classes and perform community service - and those are all for a first-time misdemeanor! If you have a prior conviction, the penalties are even more severe. The other option you have is to fight back. If you choose to plead not guilty and fight the charges, as you believe you were NOT operating your vehicle unsafely, or that you were NOT drunk, or if your rights were violated at any point in the process, we can help. We are not the law firm you hire to hold your hand while you plead guilty. We like to fight, and we like to win our cases for our clients. Some people are best served by negotiations with the prosecutor to reduce charges - and who better to engage in this process than a former prosecutor?

Our firm is strictly focused on DUI defense law. We aren't busy thinking about other areas of the law, spending time on other types of cases, or researching defenses for other crimes. We are 100% DUI defense, and we have resolved over 4,900 cases to date. This comes at an advantage to our clients due to the fact that DUI is such a specialized area of the law. It was in 2003 that The American Bar Association officially recognized DUI defense as a specialized area of the law, rather than a sub-category of criminal defense. There are many intricacies to DUI defense that attorneys can miss if they are not solely focused on it. Our Atlanta DUI attorneys understand the nature of breath tests, blood tests, breath testing devices, the methods used for administering these tests and many other factors specific to this specialized area of the law.

To find out more about us and about our case results before you make a decision, please either call us directly or visit our "about us" page. We know exactly how much the quality of a defense lawyer can impact a case. You want the most experienced, committed and successful law firm possible on your side. If you were recently arrested for a DUI and are looking for strong defense, an experienced attorney and a law firm that exclusively practices DUI defense, contact an Atlanta DUI attorney at our firm today!

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