Arrests Reported At Downtown Atlanta Condo

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Atlanta Police Car

Atlanta, Ga. - Officers arrested two individuals at a condo in Downtown Atlanta on drug charges after searching the home on unrelated warrants.

One of the individuals was wanted on aggravated assault charges related to an incident occurring in early June. However, when officers arrived inside the condominium, they discovered four ounces of cocaine, fourteen ounces of marijuana, and three allegedly stolen firearms. Both men are now facing narcotic trafficking charges.

This story may seem to deviate from the types of news releases I tend to cover. However, as an Atlanta DUI Lawyer, this kind of situation is actually relatively common in criminal law and DUI investigations.

What starts out as one charge can escalate quickly into new charges when an investigation occurs. In today's post, I will outline how stops for something as simple as a traffic violation can result in deeper investigations for DUI in Atlanta or drug possession.

DUI Investigations

An officer's first impressions of a driver are what lead to DUI investigations. These factors include:

  • Alcoholic beverage odor
  • Watery or glazed eyes
  • Slurred speech
  • Agitation
  • Fumbling
  • Difficulty concentrating, etc.

This is what leads to the first phases of the investigation for DUI. Next, an officer will ask to see the Driver's License and for the driver to step out of the vehicle. All the while, the officer will be taking note of any other factors or clues that the driver might be under the influence.

This leads to the officer asking for the driver to submit to sobriety tests. These tests are considered to be “standardized,” and officers use the results of these tests to interpret signs of impairment.

Then the officer will ask for consent to administer a state blood or breath test. The end result of the investigation is usually an arrest. From there, a search of the vehicle can occur which can lead to drug possession charges or other crimes.

Practice Note

If arrested for DUI, contact an Atlanta DUI Attorney now. We can help you with your case today.

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