Atlanta Mayor Considers New Alternative for Drag Racing Problem

Posted by Richard Lawson | May 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

Atlanta Capitol Building

Atlanta, Ga. – According to reports out of the City of Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is looking at new alternatives to solve the drag racing problems that the city has been facing recently.

Reporters have described scenes on Atlanta streets looking like movie scenes from The Fast and Furious. And as an Atlanta DUI Lawyer, I've reported on a few of the incidents that have occurred recently since the Stay at Home Order that has caused quieter streets.

The Atlanta City Council has been considering a solution brought about by Bloomberg Associates. The goal is to improve the quality of life within large cities as well as to increase public safety efforts. The solution would be to create a designated space for street racing.

Another proposed alternative is to criminalize the very act of gathering and organizing the illegal meets. This came as a result of some of the City Council members believing that the designated spot solution is not functional. They believe that a designated spot would not eliminate or stop any of the drag racing issues because there is a thrill involved in the participation of illegal activity.

However, there is a petition that has recently started in favor of the Mayor's suggestion. According to the website, there are thousands of people in favor of the designated spot solution.

So just how does a DUI lawyer come into play here? The reality is that with most of these situations, the result is a litany of serious traffic violations that end in large fines, suspended licenses, and even jail time. As an attorney who specializes in DUI law, I also specialize in all laws associated with DUI in Atlanta.

These offenses can include drug possession, traffic violations, and other misdemeanor and felony crimes. Now, I am not an advocate for illegal street racing. And while I have no opinion on the Mayor's suggestion, I know I am against the alternative which would be further criminalizing behavior. We already have laws surrounding drag racing and reckless driving. There is no need from a legal perspective to have more laws and more avenues to charge and fine people who may just be bystanders.

Bottom line – if you or a loved one has received a serious traffic violation charge within the City of Atlanta, call our offices now. We can offer a case consultation and let you know what your options are with our firm. Call an Atlanta DUI Attorney today.

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