DUI Enforcement Will Return to Atlanta

Posted by Richard Lawson | Jun 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

Atlanta Police

As many of you know, since the pandemic and Governor Kemp's Shelter in Place Order as well as the civil rights protests and riots, the Atlanta Police Department has taken a step back from frequent arrests. The number of arrests for crimes has gone down.

But as an Atlanta DUI Lawyer, I urge you not to break the law or drive while intoxicated just as a result of less officers/less drivers on the road. Be careful and drive safely as law enforcement will return to Atlanta.

As the two Atlanta Police Department Officers were arrested in connection to the shooting death of DUI suspect, Rayshard Brooks, it has been reported that over 150 Atlanta police officers called out sick in the days following the arrest. Reporters and news outlets are referring to the sudden absence as “The Blue Flu.” What has been even more controversial is that people are stating that the City of Atlanta initially downplayed the actual number of officers who did not report for work.

Zone 5 reported the largest numbers of absent police officers. Zone 5 covers Downtown Atlanta. According to police representatives, some officers are explaining that they are fearful to go back to work.

Regardless of all the issues faced at both a legal, social, and health level, there will come a time that arrests will start to increase again.

DUI charges in particular are extremely stressful. There are a few important things to remember. First, research lawyers. Not just any lawyers, but lawyers who specialize in DUI Law. Second, consult with these attorneys and determine which lawyer should represent you. Remember - it is important to make these decisions intelligently and quickly. You have thirty days from the date of your arrest to stop your license from being suspended. Third, allow your attorney to do their job and to represent you to the best of their ability.

Contact our offices today if you have been arrested for DUI in Atlanta. An Atlanta DUI Attorney can help you with your case now.

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