How Do Atlanta Police Investigate DUI Suspects?

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As an Atlanta DUI Lawyer, I am often answering questions about Atlanta DUI Process. The majority of people are curious about what an officer can and cannot do during an investigation for DUI in Atlanta.

In today's post, I will outline what a typical DUI investigation looks like within the City of Atlanta.

DUI Investigation in Atlanta

Generally, the DUI investigation actually starts when the officer pulls you over. Most of the time, people believe that they are being pulled over for a minor traffic offense (or they are confused as to why they are being pulled over in the first place). The reality is that every time an officer sees a traffic law being violated, they are immediately looking for any other clues as to other laws that could be being violated.

When officers pull you over for a suspected DUI, they immediately begin to investigate and attempt to determine if you are intoxicated while behind the wheel. From the initial observations of your driving to the final chemical tests performed at the station, officers are always on the lookout for signs of intoxication.

A DUI investigation begins with an officer's questioning of whether or not you have been drinking. It will then transition most of the time into the officer requesting the driver to participate in field sobriety tests. These “tests” are designed to allow officers to see indications of intoxication. The performance of these tests are scored by the officer.

Then the officer usually asks some more questions and then requests that the driver submit to a breath or a blood test. A driver on Georgia roads gives "implied consent" to be tested for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of drugs and alcohol. This testing can occur either through a breath test, or a blood test.

This is what a typical investigation for DUI looks like. Then the officer will place the driver under arrest the majority of the time.

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