Metro Atlanta County Police Arrest Motorcyclist for DUI

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Atlanta Municipal Court

Metro Atlanta, Ga. - According to reports out of a county just outside of the City of Atlanta, a motorcyclist has been arrested on accusations of DUI.

He was allegedly driving his motorcycle northbound on Baker Road in Newnan County. He ended up veering off of the road and entered a ditch. He was thrown from the motorcycle about thirty feet. Officers and first responders took the man to Piedmont Newnan Hospital but he died at the hospital from his injuries.

Officers believe that alcohol was involved.

As an Atlanta DUI Lawyer, I will outline the law behind driving under the influence and accidents.

Accidents and DUI

Accidents and DUIs frequently seen together. Sometimes the accident involves alcohol intoxication whereas at other times, the accident involves a different traffic violation or a true incident of an accident. 

If a car accident occurs alongside a DUI arrest, then the accident can actually be used to support the DUI charge. The accident itself may in fact demonstrate that the accused driver was less safe to drive.

Penalties for DUI in Georgia are serious. However, when an accident is involved, the penalties are further exacerbated. This is especially true if there are injuries property damage.

There is also the risk of other charges if you get into an accident while accused of DUI. This can also heighten the penalties including a lengthier suspension of an accused driver's Georgia Driver's License.

Practice Note

The story above is devastating - whether or not the driver was under the influence of alcohol. If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact our offices today. Charges for DUI in Atlanta are handled very seriously and representation is necessary.

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